Welcome to my portfolio

I’m an amateur traditional artist, working primarily with oils and acrylics.

Are you drawn to the playful curiosity of a lemur, the tranquility of a sun-drenched beach, or the complexities captured in a human portrait? Perhaps the energy of abstract expressionism sparks your imagination. Delve into my collection and discover a world where these diverse styles come together. Each piece is an invitation to connect with the emotions and stories I weave through vibrant colors and captivating forms.

Preparing for Marshchapel

The walls of Marshchapel are calling, and I’m busy preparing a collection of artwork just for this special exhibition.

First time painting a still life

Stepping out of my comfort zone, I decided to tackle a classic art form – the still life!

March 2024 – En plein air

Undeterred by the moody grey skies, I ventured out to Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens, paints and easel in tow, for a day of en plein air painting.

Got questions?

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